Standart Tree Adventure :
Code : PH-01
1. Dutch hip roof
2. Faux porch and door
3. Crooked and foam smoke stack
4. Delux Paint (Collor can be adjusted)
5. Three flower boxes
6. Approx 3 inch dia log
7. Log door
8. Ladder in hollow log
9. Single Swing

The ladder in the center of the huge, hollowed out log provides access to the trap door in the floor of the crooked clubhouse. We offer several designs and a list of options that give you a multitude of possibilities (or we can work with you to design and build a custom creation). Options include exterior stairs, balconies, spiral slides, bridges, cargo net railing, talk tubes, swings, monkey bars, bear carvings and more. We can also install electricity if you want. We’re ready to work for you now! Give us a call and we’ll take it from there.


Tree Adventure optional is Additional option from standart Tree house. When You want to upgrade Standart Tree House product to be more interesting and have more fun, you can choose some additional option for Tree House.

Below is Tree House Optional :


Climb Net

Swing Set

gymnastic bar

Cargo Net